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Welcome to the Other Side...


Dæmonic Dreams exists solely as a resource to provide information and training in the Occult Arts

Rob StanleyThe subjects that our books and resources deal with are those which cannot normally be accessed by the average person, with an active interest; something we have always found very unfair.

As a result, the vast majority of the specialist titles which we stock cannot be purchased elsewhere, and you will never find them in, or be able to order them through, your local book-store.

We've always been very careful to listen to what our customers tell us they need, and so we add new titles and materials on a weekly basis - as your needs and interests grow, we do our very best to grow right along with you.

Dæmonic Dreams is run by Rob Stanley, a qualified Psychiatric Nurse. 

Rob has decades of experience in the occult and metaphysical arts.  An experienced Tarot reader and delver into alternative belief systems, he is also a long-standing member of a semi-public hermetic society, and a long-standing Ceremonial Magician.

Dæmonic Dreams was established in 2013, and has grown to become one of the largest Occult Book Stores in the world.

Orders are despatched on a daily basis, and we ship worldwide!