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Frater M.F.I.S Talismans

Frater Mea Fides In Sapientia - 

The Stephen Murtaugh Solid Brass Talisman Collection

EXCLUSIVELY from Dæmonic Dreams!

Stephen Murtaugh Solid Brass Talismans

From the start of 2017, Dæmonic Dreams is honored to offer this BRAND NEW collection of powerfully authentic Talismans and Amulets from designs by Mystical artist, Stephen Murtaugh.

Stephen is well-known in the Occult community, primarily for his awe-inspiring Hermetic Magickal Tools.  A fantastically gifted, creative craftsman, Frater MFIS' work is much in demand, and these BEAUTIFUL pieces of PURE MAGICK will astound you with their power and beauty.

Meticulously hand-crafted (we dislike the current trend for Talismans made by Computer-controlled milling equipment, which produces pieces that are magickally 'empty'), our Talismans are presented in gleaming, solid brass, and are DESIGNED TO LAST A LIFETIME!

This collection is both exquisite and completely UNIQUE - no two Talismans will EVER be the same!

Hand-crafted, and hand-finished, using only TRADITIONAL methods, our range is produced in-house by skilled craftsmen in the UK's City of Culture, Kingston-Upon-Hull, in the heart of rural Yorkshire.

Brother Stephen is, primarily, a Rosicrucian, Martinist and Behmenist, with decades of study in the vast Western Mystery Tradition (WMT).

For nearly 40 years, he has devoted time to study and development of expressive art in this field, ranging from Mystical to Theurgical, Theoretical to Practical.

Known more publicly for his tools and implements; his volume of art far exceeds this visible output.

Brother Stephen started in Pittsburgh and currently resides in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA; a small city nestled in the woods of NW Pennsylvania. A part of the country that gave rise to the various German Pietist groups; Ephrata Cloister, Quakers, Harmony Society, The PA Rosicrucian groups, Amish, etc.