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Veturanomicon by Marcus Lamont

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Veturanomicon by Marcus Lamont Summary



In the late 1920’s, legendary American author Howard Phillips Lovecraft began to share stories of his supernatural creations with the world.

Over the following decades, his ‘Cthulhu Mythos’ has grown in fame and popularity, with many others adding to the lore.

So powerfully have Lovecraft’s creations permeated the public consciousness that the Occult Practitioner Community rapidly adopted and adapted his inspirations into complete, workable systems of Magick, using the paradigm extensively.

In 1977, these works culminated in the publication of the Practical Necronomicon Grimoire, known commonly as the ‘Simonomicon’ (after it’s purported author, originally known only as ‘Simon’).

Thousands of Occultists have since used this system to work with Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones - powerful cosmic gods, which are unlike any used in any other Magickal System.

Master Occultist Marcus Lamont has worked with the Old Ones for a number of years, and has finally put together some of his easiest, safest and most powerful spells and chants, for summoning and using the awe-inspiring powers of these astonishing ‘thought-form gods’.

If you are in any doubt about the Magickal reality of these ancient beings, this remarkable book will answer your questions...and your deepest desires.

Presented here, for the very first time, you will find powerful Spells and Chants to create your own, personal bond to the Great Old Ones, gain powers to draw wealth, love and sex, and to employ their abilities to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones.

Also included, you will find a simple series of ‘mini-spells’, which can be employed any time, anywhere, to bring your wishes into physical reality.

With the study and use of the Veturanomicon, you will discover that truth really CAN BE stranger than fiction...

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Veturanomicon by Marcus Lamont

Veturanomicon by Marcus Lamont

THE VETURANOMICON MARCUS LAMONT In the late 1920 s, legendary American author Howard Phillips Lovecraft...