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The New Goetia by Carl Nagel

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The New Goetia by Carl Nagel Summary

"Command and take control of the Dark Spirits of the Goetia, to do your every bidding..."



The New Goetia is a remarkable book, make no mistake; written by renowned dark Magus, Carl Nagel, this text has been carefully designd to bring the power of ancient Solomonic Magick into your life, in a simple, easy-to-operate fashion, yet maintaining all of the pure dark energy of the original.

Originating in a 17th Century Grimoire, entitled, 'The Lesser Key of Solomon', the Goetia contained detailed instuctions concerning the evocation of no less than 72 Demonic Spirits, each with their own essential magickal skills and areas of operation.

The New Goetia, likewise, contains all 72 Seals, and details their method of activation (no blood required!) and areas of expertise.

Be in no doubt - The New Goetia could CHANGE YOUR FORTUNES, YOUR DIRECTION...YOUR LIFE!

Deceptively simple, but vastly powerful, the forces in this book are ageless, their powers and abilities limitless.  Since time immemorial, those who held the secret names and seals of these dark Spirits have enjoyed luxuries, riches and lifestyles that many would dream impossible.  Yet even to this very day, there are a small number of people - largely ordinary folk - who have obtained the self-same mastery over their lives, all thanks to this ancient system.

Now, for the first time, the legendary Goetia is made available in a simplified, yet equally-powerful, format; easy to understand, easy to use, yes.  But be in no doubt, the Magickal forces that can be called upon by this book are very real, as are the untold benefits they can bring to YOUR life.

Anyone, properly instucted by this book, can now call upon the Legions of Dark Angels that are ready and willing to do your bidding - your destiny awaits...

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The New Goetia by Carl Nagel

The New Goetia by Carl Nagel

"Command and take control of the Dark Spirits of the Goetia, to do your every bidding..." THE NEW GOETIA...