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The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites and Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana

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The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites and Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana Summary





The Master Grimoire is a work consisting primarily of EGYPTIAN AND CABALLISTIC MAGICK; the two most potent systems of magick in existence. Much has been written about these systems, but little has ever been given away as to how they could or can be used for the attainment of practical objectives. Hypocritical modern occultists say that it is ‘wrong to use these powers for the pursuit of money, power, etc.’ whilst conveniently ignoring the fact that THE ANCIENT MAGICIANS USED SUCH POWERS FOR THESE VERY PURPOSES!

Belony and hypocrisy are kept out of this Master Grimoire. It is a practical, modern grimoire for the man and woman of today. In fact we think you will find it to be the most revealing magickal work that you will have ever read.

Whilst giving the TRUE SECRETS OF CHANGING SITUATIONS THROUGH CEREMONIAL MAGICK it also explains the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of magickal operation. It demolishes the traditional myths surrounding ‘white’ and ‘black’ magick; and reveals so much concerning the philosophical aspects of magickal practice that may even cause some ‘old hands’ at magick to re-examine their beliefs and attitudes!

The philosophical aspects of The Master Grimoire are related only to the practical applications of the magickal rites and ceremonies that it contains. This is not a scholarly work. It is utterly down to earth and practical. And it contains the most powerful magickal formulae ever revealed (much of it, incidentally, being very simple to perform; not involving hours of preparing strange herbs, etc., as found in many occult books).

It is not a question of whether these rites and ceremonies ‘will work or not’, but whether one actually wants what one desires in the first place. The author cautions the reader on this point. Do not use an Egyptian rite for prosperity unless you really want prosperity; do not use a caballistic ceremony to gain the love of another unless you really want that love. This may seem unnecessary and even silly advice, but one is dealing with POTENT MAGICKAL FORCES, never revealed in full to the layman before, THAT ARE AS AUTOMATIC AS DAY FOLLOWS NIGHT IN THE EFFECTS THAT THEY CREATE.

You may read this grimoire for magickal inspiration and knowledge, but do not apply its contents unless you are absolutely sure and sincere that you want the things that you seek.

The author of The Master Grimoire is Nathan Elkana, a multimillionaire with worldwide business interests. Of course this is not his real name; a true ceremonial magician will never reveal his true identity as secrecy in all matters magickal is always essential. He had studied and practised ceremonial magick for over 20 years. Before he began practising magick he was totally broke and without a friend in the world. That his fortunes should change so radically following his initiation into ceremonial magick can certainly be no coincidence.

‘To practise Egyptian and Caballistic Magick is to practise the art of becoming rich and powerful. Only a fool or a saint, once possessing such powerful magickal formulae, would turn his back on the fabulous dividends to be obtained from practising such magick.’

With the full confidence of a Master Adept he reveals the awesome secrets of Egyptian and Caballistic Magick in a direct, ‘prove it for yourself ’ manner. ‘It is not necessary for me to spend chapter upon chapter trying to convince the reader of the powers of ceremonial magick.

‘One week of practising the Secret Arts will convince one a thousandfold of the powerful efficacy of these formulae.’ Nathan Elkana’s work is carefully documented with many true stories of how people in apparently hopeless and desperate situations transformed their plight through the invincible powers of ceremonial magick. But the case histories of this grimoire are small compared to the wealth of vitally important instruction and information given.

A brief description of the contents is as follows:

• In nine days flat a desperate unemployed man received £2,800 ‘out of the blue’, a tax rebate, and a lucrative job offer, after performing the Money Magick Rite.

• In one month a man lands a £5,000 lottery win and gets a job promotion worth £1,600.

• A young waitress, not particularly bright or attractive, tries Caballistic Magick in an ambitious bid for wealth. Two years later she has become a millionaire, owns several restaurants, and marries a rich banker.

• A special money rite for ‘immediate day-today’ situations. Extremely simple, it is for those desirous of meeting short-term financial obligations. • Unveiled: Caballistic Secrets of Moses and Solomon.

• The truth about astral travelling. Many authors complicate this subject, others oversimplify it: the result is that few ever achieve it. The Master Grimoire explains exactly how it is achieved, and reveals the secret magickal rite for attaining a successful astral projection within one week of beginning the instructions.

• Astral travelling is absolutely safe, even fun. Practical uses are illustrated by true stories such as the one of how a woman satisfied her suspicions about her husband’s nocturnal activities during his business trips abroad.

• A woman, disillusioned with the non-result of spells to get her lover back, turns to the powerful forces of a Caballistic Rite. Within days he is back. This particular rite should only be used when all else has failed. It is particularly powerful and fastworking.

• A young ambitious man feels ‘blocked’ from getting ahead by those above him. The Caballistic Power and Domination Rite changes the situation overnight.

• Tired of her husband’s bullying, a woman finds a highly effective magickal formula for dealing with him.

• Beauty, intelligence, money are no match for winning the opposite sex compared to the awesome powers of Caballistic Magick! Highly potent formulae are shown for getting any beautiful woman or handsome man.

• An ancient Egyptian rite, 3000 years old, miraculously saves a businessman from bankruptcy!

• A young man, always taken for granted by people, tries magick and almost overnight finds himself the centre of admiration and respect! Even his marriage was saved as his wife began to see him in a new light.

• The Enemy-Defeating Rite: for taking care of those who unfairly oppose you.

• A middle-aged widow, in financial difficulty, unexpectedly gets and weds a wealthy bachelor.

• To Compel a Stranger to Introduce Himself/ Herself Caballistic ceremony: it builds an irresistibly magnetic-compelling effect on the person you wish to influence. Perhaps not ‘ethical’, but if you really want someone this will work for you.

• Make Someone Contact You Rite: can be used for all sorts of situations, including reawakening the interest and passions of an old flame!

• The ‘Bombshell’ Venus Love Ceremony: it enabled one girl to get her boyfriend back from a rival, and persuaded him to marry her immediately! Another woman used it on her always ‘too busy’ husband and found him turn into a hot latin lover! • A woman, plain and unattractive, found her true Soul Mate and became the envy of her more attractive sisters.

• A middle-aged man, distraught at his wife walking out on him, turns to ceremonial magick. Within a week she is at the door.

• The magic power of talismanic seals. Plenty of books abound on this subject, most of them full of theory and speculation. In The Master Grimoire you get the know-how of ‘Caballistic magick forces’ and you are shown how to instantly use talismans to change your luck and fortune. Avoiding the complications of most books The Master Grimoire shows how to immediately ‘charge’ magick talismans to help you study better, pass exams, possess lustful effect on the opposite sex, gain frequent wins at bingo and other games of chance, attract good luck in all undertakings, gain physical protection wherever you go, and much more. The Master Grimoire is priceless for just this one chapter alone!

• How to use magickal rituals to heal yourself and others. Demonstrates the powerful healing methods of ceremonial magick. A woman who had suffered for years without relief from a painful stomach ulcer suddenly finds pains greatly reduced after trying magick. A month later her doctor pronounced her completely healed Even more amazing stories of miraculous healings of ‘hopeless’ cases are related!

• A fabulous ancient beauty rite: a woman in her mid-30s uses it and finds facial lines receding. Four years later they still haven’t reappeared! An unattractive man uses it and suddenly finds himself the centre of female attention.

• The sensational Ancient Youth Ceremony: partially revealed in other grimoires, but here it is in its complete form for the first time! This is a centuries old jealously guarded magickal secret, and like the other rites and ceremonies is very easy to perform! Case histories include an elderly man who gains incredible virility; a woman loses weight and feels 25 years younger – even attracting the attention of younger men; a middle-aged divorcee finds herself transformed, facial lines receded, hair texture stronger, bust firmer, and as an exciting ‘bonus’ acquires an adoring young lover!

• Evil-crushing magickal ceremonies that reverse psychic attack, and create total invisible protection for yourself, for loved ones, and property!

• Master Grimoire techniques that triple the power, speed, and effect of all your magickal workings.

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The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites and Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana

The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites and Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana