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The Lucifer Experience by Oliver Bowes

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The Lucifer Experience by Oliver Bowes Summary

& Other Works of Black Magick

Oliver Bowes

To some, Lucifer is not the Devil at all, but an entirely different entity altogether. This is a problem for theologians and their spiritual opposites, the black magicians.

But according to Oliver Bowes, author of this unique monograph, conjuring Lucifer is to invite the experience of STRIKING FEAR INTO THE HEARTS OF ONE’S FOES … PUNISHMENT OF WRONG-DOERS … IRRESISTIBLE SEXUAL POWER … AND UNLIMITED RICHES!

According to Mr Bowes, it brings the experience of ‘money growing on trees’!

According to the author, The Lucifer Experience is the most powerful black magick conjuration.

THIS POWERFUL BOOK HAS NEVERBEEN IN PRINT BEFORE. The results, he says, should not be recorded in a magickal diary, and not a word of it spoken to another occultist!

Mr Bowes is not a black magician per se; he is an occultist who applies both ‘white’ and ‘black’ methods to his workings, according to the circumstance. In fact in his ‘Works Of Black Magick’ the spirit of the One Most High is invoked to keep dark forces in check.

Only a fool can come to harm, for there are so many safeguards in the ritual.

He shows how to conjure a whole array of dark forces, forces that MUST do the magician’s bidding, according to the instructions here. These forces are concealed behind the mysterious workings of day-to-day life. THEY BRING JUSTICE INTO THE MAGICIAN’S LIFE, IN A WORLD WHERE INJUSTICE IS THE NORM. THE MAGICIAN CAN TRIUMPH, without fear of ‘karma’, ‘punishment’ and all the other threats expounded by spiritual altruists.

Sexual power and gratification can be yours Power over life and death can be yours – very important, when you realise that others may already have that power over you, hitherto unrecognised!

You can finally get on in the world - get that job you REALLY want, or that promotion that has been denied you so long.

Mr Bowes gives details of exactly which dark entity will work on your behalf, according to your need.

You can even extend your life expectancy....Spiritual wisdom … enlightenment … out-of-body experiences; all are here.

Creativity in poetry beckons: Phoenix can make you more creative than you could have imagined!

Wealth, fame, popularity beckon when Astaroth is called.

IN THE DARKNESS, LIGHT IS FOUND, therein is Lucifer.

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION MONOGRAPH FOR TRUE ASPIRANTS ONLY.  As such, this book should be treated with respect.

You are blessed and protected by Adonai, sacred name of the Most High. Also here is the protection spell of the Archangel Michael; becoming ‘invisible’; acquisition of secret knowledge; Black Psalms.

Finally, the forbidden knowledge of Lucifer can be yours to command.

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The Lucifer Experience by Oliver Bowes

The Lucifer Experience by Oliver Bowes

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