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Talisman for Good Health

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Talisman for Good Health Summary

Talisman for good Health

This talisman governs “vitality” and the “life force.”
It can help preserve health and aid in the healing of disease.
It can be truly magical worn by those practicing the healing arts.

Cast in beautiful, lead-free Pewter, the pictures here do not do justice to the true beauty of this Magickal piece.

Preserved in the British Museum are seven manuscripts considered to be the fountainhead and storehouse of Cabalistic Magic and the origin of much of the ceremonial magic of medieval times.

These manuscripts are said to have been written by King Solomon and passed on to his son,
Roboam, as a testament which should contain all of the wisdom he had possessed prior to his death.

The testament was carved on tree bark, and the magical designs were engraved on plates of copper and hidden within the famous “Temple of Solomon”.

Our Talismanic designs are taken directly from the “Key of Solomon” or from the later magical grimoires influenced by it.

Solomon received his knowledge directly from “Homadiel” the angel of God who granted Solomon ineffable wisdom!

All of our Talismans have been carefully reproduced and come strung on a 36” black cord with a fully descriptive booklet about their magical properties!

Talisman Dia. 37mm

Ritually Linked to YOU!

Unlike other suppliers, your Amulet will be ritually linked directly to you, for maximum effectiveness.  Once you have completed your purchase, we will email you, asking for your full name and date of birth, so that your Amulet can be specifically consecrated (please note; this process can take 4-7 days, as our Amulets & Talismans are consecrated on the relevant Magickal Day/Time.)

Once completed, the Angelic names and/or figures inscribed upon it mean that it requires no on-going charging whatsoever - the relevant forces for are constantly attracted to the wearer, whether they believe or not!


In order to comply with Trading Law, we are obliged to state that this item is for decorative or entertainment purposes only, and any claims as to any other attributes cannot be substantiated...though your own experience may well differ!

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Talisman for Good Health

Talisman for Good Health

Talisman for good Health This talisman governs vitality and the life force. It can help preserve health...