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My Experience of The Lost Word of Power

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My Experience of The Lost Word of Power Summary



‘In the beginning was the Word … and the Word was God’

My name is J. Finbarr and I am a publisher of literature on self help, psychology and the esoteric, having published over 300 titles.

In 1985 I published ‘The Lost Word of Power’ by Frater E.L. Francis, who claimed that the Word was previously known only to initiates of certain mystical societies. I had certainly never heard of it until then. However, I never spoke or ‘used’ the Word myself, for I cannot try or experiment with every concept presented to me, otherwise I would have no time to live my life or run my business. Besides, I am not an occultist nor esoterist per se.

What made me pay attention was when shortly after I received a letter from a man who I knew to be unhappy with his purchase of such books; nothing had ever worked for him.

I knew from his previous correspondence that he was a reasonable and intelligent person and I felt uncomfortable that money he spent seemed to have been wasted. Imagine therefore my surprise when in this letter he explained that in the Word he found what he ‘had been looking for’. ‘With the Lost Word I actually got aid’, he said, ‘and I'm still getting it.’

It marked a turning point in his life, he claimed.

I figured that if it could work so convincingly for him then this had to be something special, so I began my own experiment.

But first something about the Word itself:

According to Francis its vibration contained the ‘heartbeat of the Cosmos’. He explained the construction of the Word; its Ying & Yang; its genderless expression of Cosmic Energy; its invocation of Cosmic Energy. Its origin is unknown, he said, but its tradition preserved down the centuries by initiates of esoteric societies.

The inexperienced reader need not fret that this is something complicated. It isn't, as Francis sought to explain, but the actual application is as simple as speaking a single word.  That's right - no mystic formula could be simpler – yet it has had a huge effect on my own inner life.

By ‘inner life’ I mean one’s own private world of thought and feeling, that which we conceal from the world.

Over the years I have used it in times of danger or threat; any time I felt something bad was about to happen.


A word from the seller, regarding this publication:


My name is Rob Stanley, and I wanted to take just a moment to talk to you personally about the book you are reading about here, rather than simply providing the standard publishers blurb.

'My Experience With the Lost Word of Power' makes some mighty big claims, to be sure, and I'm pretty certain you've seen similar elsewhere; this style of advertising was particularly prelevant throughout the late '60's and 1970's, when 'New Age' publications were everywhere you looked.

That said, my own experience with this particular work has been NOTHING SHORT OF ASTOUNDING (and, believe me, I have years of knowledge of this variety to my name).  My life has changed so dramatically, since discovering this book, and I have no other explanation aside from concluding that the Lost Word really DOES have a devastating powerful effect upon those individuals who are lucky, and wise enough to use it.

I need to reiterate that the Word is simplicity in itself to use, once you know it, and how to pronounce it - and you are carefully guided through its use by the author.

If I can help just one other person, by introducing them to this astounding title, I will consider myself blessed.

Yours In Light,

Rob Stanley.

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My Experience of The Lost Word of Power

My Experience of The Lost Word of Power

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