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Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

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Magickal Protection by Damon Brand Summary

Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack


Magickal Protection

Having a run of bad luck or feeling cursed? Are you under attack from a bully, a harsh boss or a mean partner? 

Magickal Protection can shield you from all kinds of psychic attack, mental cruelty and physical violence. It will stop curses, psychic attack and remove all supernatural dangers. 

You can protect your self, your home, your money, your work and your loved ones, with a series of simple rituals. If you are afraid of violence, robbery, random accidents or personal attacks, make yourself safe with magick. 

Whether you are dealing with a vicious relative, a subtle aggressor or a truly malicious enemy, this magick can bring you authentic safety. 

Even if magick is new to you, everything you need to know is included in these pages. Magickal Protection is perfect for beginners, while giving advanced protection to experienced occultists. This angelic magick is completely safe, doing harm to none, but keeping you free from danger. 

Acclaimed author Damon Brand works with the powerful Gallery of Magick, revealing the most practical secrets of magick. 

He says, ‘There are thousands of reasons why this book can work for you, keeping you safe from strange psychic dangers, or preventing something as ordinary and deadly as a random road accident.’ 

You will discover how to: 

  • Use the most powerful banishing and protection rituals 
  • Stop curses and bad luck 
  • Protect against stalkers and abusers 
  • Prevent hacking and identity theft 
  • Travel with complete magickal protection 
  • Silence gossip and rumors 
  • Safeguard your home and possessions 
  • Stop people from draining your energy 

Damon says, ‘You don’t need wands, incense, robes or candles. The magick in this book is simple to use and can make your life calmer and safer. It will clear away past problems and prevent you from being hurt again. Follow the instructions confidently and you will get the protection you need.’ 

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Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack...